Flying is life
Skiing, flying in white
Life is like climbing a mountain
Love nature as if love myself

I reported on impact of changes in adoption rules on religious minority parents in 2007 and effect of the formation of a central online database of free-for-adoption children in 2016; on the University Grants Commission's control in 2014 and its habit of spamming universities in 2016; the government's reluctance or inability to collect data on surrogacies and IVF in India while bringing a law to restrict the industry ; caste on campus ; the heady recruitment season at IIM-Ahmedabad in 2007 by living on campus for a week ; how the PR industry forces unrealistic expectations on its members after the death of a Tata Steel communications head in 2013 (a story that went viral after being widely shared by PR practitioners). I investigated Amity and DPS chain of schools ; how government schools push vocational courses on poor children, while taking science away, and pieced together how universities in India isolate and punish student union leaders.